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About Taiyabah Masjid


Established at the end of 1967, Taiyabah masjid was one of the first in Bolton.

'Taiyabah' from the arabic term 'Tayyab' (purity) was the name given by late Hazrat Sheikh Moulana Mohammed Zakariyya Saheb. (Famous author of Fazaail E Amaal).


Originally located in Canning Street (pictured 1), Moulana Faruq Desai was appointed as the first Imam at the masjid, Since then Taiyabah Masjid has had several well known Ulema who have done Imaamat at the Masjid some names being;

Moulana Ibrahim Karmadi Saheb

Moulana Hashim Saheb

Qari Yakub nanji Saheb

Qari Farooq Saheb

Moulana Mehboob (chorley)

Moalana Imran Suba

and our present Imaam being Mufti Faiyaz Saheb.


(Taiyabah Masjid 1967 - 1988 Canning Street, Bolton)

Founders of the masjid amongst others include;

Late Haji Ahmed Hakim
Late Haji Ibrahim Jamal
Late Haji Ismail Lekroo
Late Hafiz Adam Matadar
Haji Bashir Chadat
Haji Ismail Kekha.

In February 1988 in order to accommodate the growing number of adherents in the community the present building was purchased on Blackburn Road, formally a Congregational Sunday School. The first Imam in the new masjid was Qari Yakub Nanjee Saheb, followed by Qari Farook Saheb.



(Present Masjid and Educational Center, view from Blackburn Road)

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