Nikah Service & Bookings

Nikah Service & Bookings

Our Nikah services are tailored to each individual need, so our Imams will provide guidance and support throughout the process, whether it’s a small gathering at home or a grand ceremony in a venue of your choice.

With years of experience, they understand how important it is for the couple to have unforgettable memories that all their guests can enjoy. Our Imams will craft personalised sermons according to your wishes while ensuring they speak with wisdom to involve everyone present.

There are many things to consider before entering into the contract. Three crucial things to consider are mutual consent, witnesses, and the mahr. 

There is no legal specification for the amount of mahr, but it is recommended per existing social norms. The mahr can be paid immediately to the bride at the time of marriage, deferred to a later date, or a combination of both. If it is postponed, it falls due in case of death or divorce. 

Mutual consent from both the bride and groom is necessary for the Nikah. This includes both parties agreeing to the terms of the contract and any conditions that may be attached to it.

Two male adults present during the Nikah must also agree to act as witnesses. Their role is to bear witness to the Nikah’s events and attest to its validity. 

All of these things must be considered before entering into a Nikah contract. Though it may seem like a lot to think about, it is essential to remember that the Nikah is a solemn commitment between two people. 

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